Roberto C. Treviño's

MAster Plan

A Path to Solving San Antonio’s Sidewalk Problem

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There are currently over

0 miles

of broken or missing sidewalks in San Antonio.

That is why year after year, the number one ask from our residents is for more and improved sidewalks.

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Reaching our Goals

Although we are increasing our sidewalk budget, we are only on pace to build 40 miles of sidewalk per year. You deserve better, and we know the answer to this problem is not more money – the answer is better policy.

There is a smarter way, and that is why I created a sidewalk master plan.

Of our entire sidewalk budget, only 27% goes towards building actual sidewalk.

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Building Smarter

By offsetting sidewalks away from the street, we are able to avoid rebuilding curbs, driveways, and streets. Instead of rebuilding concrete barriers between landscaping and sidewalks, we can simply slope the landscaping to avoid construction expenses. These are only two examples of how we can increase the miles of sidewalk per dollar, but we need a comprehensive approach to make a true impact.

Pedestrian Mobility Officer

I’ve successfully advocated for an official Pedestrian Mobility Officer for San Antonio. A Pedestrian Mobility Officer would bring a specialized set of skills and knowledge to all projects happening within San Antonio that affect pedestrians.

Examples include: Completing and Maintaining the Sidewalk Master Plan, supporting the implementation of the Sidewalk Master Plan, establishing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan, helping with street design standards, and much more.

Sidewalk connectivity should NOT be the responsibility of residents.

Neighborhood Sidewalk Plans

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Building Together

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